The first option payment for the goods purchased are "mTRANSFER" where the value of goods purchased from us to pay in advance if you are a client mBank and you have created in this flask účet.V this case already DPD courier upon delivery of the goods first, the front door of your house or apartment free of charge.

mTRANSFER is an electronic payment system for transfer of funds.

MTRANSFER command is visible in internet banking as transaction accounts in history.

To use the service mTRANSFER, verify that you meet the conditions listed below:

1.Are clients mBank
2.Do you have an active internet banking
3.On one of my accounts have an amount at least equal to the prepared statement


mTRANSFER - four simple steps:

Step 1 - Login
After selecting mTRANSFER form of payment (for example, e-shop), you must login. Log in to mTRANSFER runs as a standard log into internet banking mBank - enter their eight-digit number (Client ID) and password.

Step 2 - Select the account from which you pay
After going through the log to "make mTRANSFER, step 1/2" Here you can select the account from which to make the payment order. If the trader has not blocked these options, you can edit the date, amount and name of the operation. Once completed, click "continue".


Step 3 - Confirmation SMS command code
(Code) to get a confirmation through SMS (at the time of execution of the operation). The report will include an eight-digit password and basic data on the operations carried out.


Stage 4 - Logout
mTRANSFER was realized: today's date command has been executed and is visible in the account history (transactions made).
Payment order to a future date may be set aside and is visible in the list of planned operations.
Please remember that after realization of the payment requested, click on "Check"



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Hean lipstick Classic Colours Festival 4,5gr

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Vanish for manual cleaning of carpets 450 ml

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