Discount programm

Discount program
We are happy when our customers to come back. Every registered customer for future purchases can take advantage of our up Discount Program:

Up Discount Benefits Program:

Every registered customer who purchases in our online store, the goods properly assume and retain him, his first order exceeds the terms and conditions set amount for minimum order per section 20 EUR and goes to "Equipment", then your account has moved to a more favorable price level, which has set a discount in the amount of 1-5%, according to the amount realized last purchase.

How it works:

The next time you are purchasing just login to your account (just log on, enter your user name and password) and e-shop you have already set off with 1 to 5% discount zľavou.Vaša future will always change according to the amount realized last nákupu.A so you see table up Discount program exactly know at which height percent discount you can count on the next shopping with us.

Table up Discount Program:

  • Payment               Discount
  • 20.00 to 99.99 EUR           1%
  • 100.00 to 299.99 EUR       2%
  • 300.00 to 599.99 EUR       3%
  • 600.00 to 999.99 EUR       4%
  • more than 1,000.00 EUR  5%

Do not forget to log in, otherwise you will be showing the original price!

As a gift for you one more bonus:
This discount applies to everyone, and stock merchandise!

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Cena: 4 €

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4x Nutrilon HA milky rice pudding

4x Nutrilon HA milky rice pudding

Cena: 15,174 €
15.3 €


Lotus - liquid fertilizer for plants 500ml

Lotus - liquid fertilizer for plants 500ml

Cena: 1,38 €

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