AVENT Feeding Bottle 330 ml (PP) BPA
Manufacturer: Philips Avent
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Dimensions: objem:330 ml
Material polypropylen
Color: -
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With extra soft AVENT Slow Flow. Universal bottle with a broad range of applications.

Infant bottle with slow flow teat - 2 holes. Clean, clear, with a precision scale.

AVENT Feeding Bottle uses the AVENT valve that works with the natural reflex feeding the child and promotes healthy, active feeding. Baby your self control milk flow, reducing the risk of overfeeding and vomiting. The valve also keeps air out of baby's tummy. It is clinically proven that the use AVENT bottles reduces colic.

The shape of the bottle ensures high stability and a comfortable grip. Wide mouth bottle facilitates compliance and treatment.

Synoptic exact scale will help determine how much your baby has been fed.

Cap tightly around the nipple, so when mixing food or traveling there to splashing the contents of the bottle.

AVENT works with the natural rhythm of the child's intake. Like a baby when feeding itself controls the rate of flow of milk.

A unique skirt on the AVENT acts as a one-way valve. During feeding teat allows air to flow into the bottle, thus precluding the production of vacuum in the bottle.

The child may teat feeding venturing and can drink continuously as through breast-feeding without swallowing air. Silent effervescent air bubbles or leave as a sign that air flows into the bottle and not into the stomach of the child. Just swallowing air during feeding induces crying due to colic pain or bloating.

The natural shape AVENT guarantees the right combination makes it easy to attach and breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Clinical trials carried universities of London and Cambridge have shown that babies feeding bottles AVENT suffered less colic and after waking up were more satisfied than children who were fed from ordinary bottles.

The wide shape of the soft nipple makes baby widely open mouth and literally suck the nipple. Can only begin to suck and utilizing the same movements of the tongue and gums as through breast-feeding. That is why it is easy to combine with Aventis breastfeeding with bottle feeding.

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