Farlin electric milk extractor BF-639
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  • Electric breast pump is used to suction excess milk.

  • Not for sucking milk for a child who does not drink from the breast, for example. due to inflammation of the mammary glands.

  • Parts of pumps:

  • equalizer suction
  • Silicone Massage Cushion
  • funnel
  • baby bottle 2 pieces
  • electric breast pump part
  • button
  • silicone seal
  • screw cap
  • silicone tube
  • Silicone gasket 2 pieces
  • cap onto the bottle
  • silicone pacifier
  • screw cap
  • sealing disk
  • adapter

Installing and replacing the batteries:

Suction can also be powered by batteries (4 x 1.5 V LR6 AA). Insert the battery into the pump correctly - Installation and battery replacement is shown in Fig. 5th Remove dead batteries from the pump. Batteries that are not designed to recharge, recharge. Batteries that are designed to recharge, recharge after removal of a breast pump. Do not short supply.

Batteries are not included in the product.

Instructions for use:

Make sure the pump is washed and sterilized. Wash your hands and breast. Gently squeeze the nipple and expel some milk.

Turn on the aspirator. Press the on / off (Fig. 2). Above the button will light up, indicating that the aspirator is turned on. If you press the back button on / off, the light goes out and the suction is turned off.

Apply suction to the breast so that the silicone massaging pad fit snugly against breast cancer and to prevent leaks around it. To create the vacuum, which guarantees the correct extraction. Leaks worse extraction process milk. Hold the bottle in a vertical position, so that the milk can freely flow down to the bottom.

Press the mode (Fig. 3) and choose one of three options exhaustion: 1 Express - fast second natural - natural third gentle - gentle

Knob (Fig. 4) to regulate the power of suction 1-3: 1 light - A small suction force second moderate - medium strength 3rd Extraction strong - great suction power

Trap the milk to the point where you feel that already flows very slowly. Apply suction to the other breast and extraction continue. After extraction from the pump, unscrew the bottle, screw the nipple and milk can be given to a child.

How to clean and sterilize breast pump?

Before and after each subsequent use suction spread into different parts according to Fig. First All pump parts (except electrical parts adapter) Wash in warm water and baby soap, rinse thoroughly and sterilized in a steam sterilizer or boil in boiling water.

How to clean and sterilize the bottle?

For hygiene reasons, insert before use cleared and stripped of the bottle for 5 minutes in boiling water and boil. Boiling longer than recommended or hard water can cause deposits. Before any re-use the bottle clean and plenty of hot water. Already boil. Fruit juices and teas can cause discoloration bottles and pacifiers. Before each use, check the quality of the product. At the first signs of wear or damage to the product then do not, replace it with a new one.

How do I sterilize the pacifier?

Prior to the first and each other using the pacifier wash in warm water and sterilize in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Do not use chemical disinfectants! Before each use, check the teat thoroughly, especially if the child has teeth. Pull nipple in all directions. Do not tighten the screw cap is too high, because then the soother can not properly vented. At the first signs of damage or weakening of the material for the new replace the pacifier. For safety and hygiene reasons, we recommend drinking fountain to replace the max. after 3 months.

Warning! Important for the health and safety of your child!

Use only under adult supervision. Never use a pacifier as a soother. Do not increase the pacifier neděrujte or holes in the pacifier can cause its destruction. Long-term and prolonged sucking of fluids can cause tooth enamel defects in children. Always check the temperature of food given.

Practical advice to help you maximize the amount of removed milk

Before you learn how to properly extract the food, you will certainly need several attempts. Do not be discouraged by the initial problems - the time you gain experience with the use of a breast pump.

Sit back. Heat up your breasts warm towel.

Find a method of extraction that best suits you. Initially should be extracted on each breast milk within minutes. Do not expect a full bottle of withdrawing immediately. Over time, the amount of removed milk will increase.

When to use a breast pump?

As far as possible using a pump, wait until the milk production is a steady, usually 2-4 weeks after birth.

Exceptions to the above rule:

If you have too much milk breasts and poured hard. Draining excess milk before or during breast feeding releases crowded and easier baby suckling at the breast.

After breastfeeding, if not empty the breast and to prevent painful inflammation.

If you feel the sudden overflow feeding breast and do not want to wake the baby.

In the case of low milk production - using a breast pump stimulates the mammary glands.

When you get back to work and do not want to stop breastfeeding - it is necessary to simulate the natural process of lactation using a breast pump Canpol babies.

How to store expressed feeds?

Drained milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. The refrigerator or freezer compartment (-10 ° C) 7 days in a freezer (-18 ° C to -20 ° C) 3 months.

Thawed milk, use within 24 hours.

Thawed milk NEVER refreeze.

Milk can be stored in bottles and Lovi Canpol babies.

Defrost frozen milk slowly in a natural way as other foods, never use a microwave.

Frozen milk can be thawed overnight in the refrigerator and then heat it in the heater or hot water.

NEVER mix milk with freshly drained thawed milk.

SUCTION EACH passes in front of the sale of strict quality control.

Note that in case of problems with lactation, due to which your child can not drink from the breast itself, the pump may seem ineffective.

Suction is the subject of personal use, subject to exchange or refund. The suction covers legal guarantee in case of failure, contact the shop where you purchased the breast pump or distributor directly. Do not forget to give effect to the underlying claim is accompanied by proof of purchase.

It does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA free product).

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