HOT-COLD Hydrogel tiling
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Soothing gel breast tiles were designed in collaboration with experts in the field of nursing and midwives so that their use has increased your comfort during the period when breast-feeding.

What is the advantage anatomically shaped tiles?

In the period of breastfeeding can cause redness and hardening of the breast or to the retention of milk. Usually covers only some of its parts, usually toward the edge of the mammary glands in the armpit. The problem with retention of milk causes irregular and inadequate emptying of the glands. Anatomically shaped gel tiles have a special section, which is placed in the armpit, allowing effectively soothe sore in this area.

Using Hot / Cold Gel Tile

During lactation

In the first week after birth in some women may be momentarily painful pouring breasts, which are then swollen, hot and hard. Bloodshot and swollen breasts, including the nipples and areola not allow its size and shape suckling child. The flow of milk from the gland toward the areola is not easy due to the compressed breast ducts. Breasts are not painful and milk splash.

How can I help Hot / Cold Gel siding?

Application of cold ice wall to bring relief

Before odstříkáním breast milk should be "warm" warm damp compress

It is appropriate between breastfeeding put cold compresses to swollen breasts before breastfeeding warm, wet compresses to release milk.

In pregnancy

By regularly applying a cooling gel tiles will reinforce breast tissue.

Use warm tiles

A small amount of warm water (eg in a microwave 2-3 minutes) at a temperature of about 50 ° C. Dip tiles heated water for about 8 minutes. Then the tiles are ready for use. After removal from the water still check their temperature on your wrist.

Recommendation: Tiling on the breasts can be attached directly to the breast tissue (unlike tiles made of PVC).

During application inserts determine according to their needs. There is no risk at all satisfied with too long attaching tiles. After regular stoking soon feel the soothing and relaxing effects.

Use cold compresses

Gel tiles put into the refrigerator or freezer for about 15 to 45 minutes (depending on the desired degree of cooling). Then the tiles are ready for use. Tiles can be kept in the fridge if you want to be always ready for immediate use. Usage time again depends on your comfort. Feel the pain and release regular use will reinforce breast tissue.

Useful Tips

Standard gel using tiling is safe. Gel is not harmful to your child and even if it gets into their mouths. The outer casing is made of hard, soft and comfortable material.

Before the first use, we recommend the blue tiles sterilized boiling and white inserts use cold disinfection.

Directly before use place the tiles in the freezer.

The very place the tiles in a microwave oven.

Do not use tiles in case of leakage of the gel.

Shelf lining is unlimited.

Frozen tiles place directly into a container with hot water, wait until they reach room temperature.

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