Primeros Classic Condom 3pcs
Manufacturer: Primeros
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Dimensions: Min.170 x 52cm
Material Natural rubber latex
Color: Typ: Classic
Price: 2,6 €
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The condom Primeros Classic third are transparent condoms made ​​of natural rubber latex with a reservoir, cylindrical, lubricated with silicone oil. 100 % electronically tested .


Condoms made ​​of natural rubber latex have a cylindrical shape and are finished with a reservoir . For optimal moisture each condom is lubricated with silicone oil. Condom is min . 170 mm long and has a width of 52 mm .


If the condom is used properly , reduce the risk of pregnancy or STDs infection to a minimum. It is the most reliable way to protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The effect of any birth control is not foolproof.

Instructions for use:

Use a condom every time from the beginning of the procedure, as it often leads to leakage of semen prior to orgasm. Condom use always erect penis .

Carefully tear the wrapping in cutting the corner and remove the condom . Be careful not to damage the condom when opening the foil or threading the penis sharp objects such as nails , teeth , rings , ornaments , etc. genitals , because a damaged condom does not protect you enough .

Hold the tip of the condom with your thumb and forefinger.

When putting on a condom , make sure that the tip is left in the air so he could hold sperm. Condom on the penis should not be stretched , but scrolled around its perimeter , while the foreskin must be fully pulled back .

After ejaculating penis slowly out of the vagina before the falls, . Condom perimeter firmly hold the base of the penis . Be careful not to slip .


Condom use for single use only . Secondary symptoms:

In the event that you experience a higher degree of sensitivity to latex products , consult your physician or pharmacist .


Condoms must be used in conjunction with lubricating oil base resources such as petroleum jelly , baby oil , lotions, massage oils , butter or margarine , etc , because they undermine the natural oily condom . For additional lubrication , apply funds intended for use with condoms .

If you are using any prescription or drugs freely available on the penis or vagina , consult a physician if necessary . pharmacist for their suitability for use with condoms. Condoms are only for vaginal intercourse . Other use increases the risk of damage to the condom .

Packaging : 3 ks Prezervativ Primeros Classic third transparent condoms are made ​​of natural latex rubber with reservoir , cylindrical, lubricated with silicone oil. 100 % electronically tested .

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