Fa Shower Cream 250 ml women's
Manufacturer: Fa
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Dimensions: Objem: 250 ml
Material Form: shower cream
Color: Type: Cream & Oil cocoa butter and coconut
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1.Fa women's shower gel Cream & Oil cocoa butter and coconut 250 ml +

2.Fa women's shower gel & Cream Silk & Magnolia 250 ml

Cocoa butter and coconut oil. Discover a whole new feeling with Fa Cream Shower Gel Cream & Oil.

Creamy shower gel with precious caring oil provides long-term care and protects your skin from drying out - for irresistible softness and smoothness. Treat yourself to an inspiring scent of cocoa butter and coconut oleje.Vůči skin pH - neutral. Dermatologically proven skin tolerance.

Fa Series products offer a unique sensation of freshness. Good compatibility of products Fa in relation to the skin is dermatologically proven. These products respect the natural balance of the human skin. Recipe, shower gel, soap, liquid soap and body lotion brand Fa are pH neutral and prevent dry skin. All Fa deodorants offer 24 hours lasting protection. Fa All fragrance products are carefully selected to supply the body and mind a real sense of the pohody.V Body Care Fa is one of the most famous brands in the world and market leader in Europe. Fa products are represented in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and the shelves of stores are found in more than 120 countries worldwide. Brand Fa covers the main body care categories: deodorant, shower gel, bath foam, soap and even new segments, such as body lotion and liquid soap.

FA Shower Cream Cream & Oil provides the skin with rich care with a refreshing scent. With a rare recipe almond oil skin is protected from drying and silky smooth. Your senses caress delicate scent of magnolia and rose.

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