LOREAL DEX Age Re-Perfect Night Cream 50ml
Manufacturer: L'Oréal Paris
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LOREAL DEX Age Re -Perfect Night Cream 50ml

Night Cream Age Re -Perfect Pro- Calcium is a revolutionary treatment for very mature skin : texture -rich essential component of skin, luxurious and velvety, which adds a sense of comfort and relaxation before bedtime.

Formula Night Cream Age Re -Perfect Pro- Calcium is known for working at night , when the fastest refresh skin .

76 % of women stated its effectiveness against weakness * . Your skin is once its density and strength: It is visibly rested , vital and refreshed when you wake up .

* Test satisfaction conducted in 42 women after four weeks of use.

Why care with Pro- Calcio ?
New scientific progress : calcium has been identified as a crucial factor for skin cohesion and lipid synthesis epidemic . Pro- Calcium ( exclusive patent from L' Oréal ) is the first form of customizable skins .

In 60 years, the level of calcium decreases. Due to the lack of daily intake and reduced absorption of calcium organism no longer accept as well .

The skin is thus :
The deterioration of barrier function : a fragile Decreased Lipid is dehydrated and dried

Age Re -Perfect Pro- Calcium skin adds calcium for the skin visibly more flexible and fresher !

Directions for use:
It is used every evening to the face and neck . Pleasantly scented , its velvety texture provides a rich covering of skin. Avoid the feeling of tension for better feel when you wake up . Avoid eye contours .

How does the Care Night Care ?
When we sleep , our skin up nicely and works for us . Regeneration occurs in which wrinkles are smoothed and stimulated cells . And what if it spurred some more ? It would be even more powerful !

During the night the bodily functions slowed down , but the epidermis passes from protective function to function repair and regeneration . On the one hand triggers the mechanisms for repairing damage caused in the course of external factors , such as the sun, cold, pollution and free radicals . On the other hand, the mechanisms reconstruction care of cell renewal.

It is also during the night, when the skin is preferably able to receive active substance. Before thus store to sleep , you need to carefully select products that cells breathe new vitality . Anyway, to avoid daily products that moisturize the skin and protects it from harmful external influences and acts on the surface. We prefer night products that have been designed to operate on the skin at rest when it is not exposed to external influences , and act in depth. And not to mention the active substances in them are always at higher concentrations , to really spurred cells .

With its hyperactive ingredients are anti -wrinkle night care undoubtedly a necessity . Stimulate the renewal of skin cells , helping the skin tissue regeneration structure , firm and smooth EpiDerm and reduce wrinkles .

However, night care products are not intended to fight against premature aging . It also serves to correct various problems epidermis : it acts to regulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands , purifies the skin surface , deeply moisturize dehydrated skin , nourish dry skin ...
Eye also uses this intense activity of cells. This is very important , especially when we know that the skin around the eyes is seven times thinner than facial skin . And because it contains a small amount of hydrolipid film and sebaceous glands, harder to prevent attacks.

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