Fytofontana Aurecon ear candles Natural
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  • Fytofontana Aurecon ear candles Natural & Plus

  • Characteristics:
  • The human ear ( Auris ) is paired sensory organ of hearing and balance formed by the outer , middle and inner ear. External auditory meatus is normally filled by earwax . In case of excessive ear wax , which can cause many problems such as humming , whistling, background noise , ear pressure imbalance , transmissive loss and feeling zalehlých ears, the wax hardens and reduces auditory perception. Failure to improper cleaning method pushes the earwax deeper into the ear. However, it can be removed easily by using ear plugs AURECON natural . They are cotton tube impregnated with a mixture of beeswax , honey and wax . The heat generated by burning candles softens accumulated wax and created a vacuum sucks it moistens . At the same time balancing the pressure through the Eustachian tube in the head and neck area . Thermal influence positively affects any blocked energy flows in the meridians . Meridian Energy management , which has the role of transport and distribution of vital energy in the human body. After ignition occurs inside the plug mist which flows downwards into the interior of the ear . This mist carrying an active substance plugs into the ear device .
  • The heat from the candle heat and micro ear lobe thus acting on reflex zones that this simulation favorably influence the course of colds . Adjusts the cleaning action of the lymphatic drainage of the ear .
  • The magic of fire has fascinated people since the beginning of yore. Mastering this element brought people to light and heat. This tradition is carried over into the ear plugs. It is therefore always been in various cultures known as effective natural resource.
  • Historical roots can be found among the inhabitants of the steppes of Siberia , in the Asian region and Indians in North and South America.
  • Old paintings on rocks show the use of ear plugs when secular rituals and ceremonies medicine .
  • With the oldest tribe of Pueblo , Hopi , who have wide knowledge of healing and high spirituality that experience came through professional application of ear candles again to Europe.
  • At the end of the last century the company Herb -Pharma Schweiz AG began to explore the use of ear candles and decided to make candles Aurecon .
  • Since then, more and more satisfied customers identified the beneficial effect of the medicine ceremonies .
  • All original Aurecon natural ear candles are still made ​​by hand today , according to an old recipe and the best ingredients regularly inspected with the utmost care.
  • The Aurecon natural ear candles are exclusively uses only the highest quality cotton , which does not contain pesticides .
  • Small variations in the length of the ear candles are a sign of quality handmade and special sign of this sympathetic product.
  • More and more satisfied customers using Aurecon natural ear candles . While profiting from more than 15 years of experience with Auricular candles and a high standard of quality and safety.
  • Specially developed internal safety filter is natural , simple to use and safe.
  • For you it is the reason why trust Aurecon natural ear plugs .

  • The CE marking on ear plugs Aurecon plus natural Ensures compliance with safety requirements stanovenovenými Directive CEE 93/42 adopted by the EU .
  • Aurecon natural ear candles have been developed for those who are touching the ear with the natural substance than plastic end plugs. Aurecon natural ear candles have longer burning time , the effect is longer and more intense.
  • Company Herb -Pharma Schweiz AG will always guarantees and guarantee high test quality that you can rely on . Your satisfaction is our goal and commitment .

  • Instructions for use :
  • First Slide the paper ring attached to a candle and set them on fire on the wider end . Ear candles can be lighted only with attached paper ring !
  • Second Put your head in a horizontal position and insert a candle nehořícím , narrow end straight into the ear. Note the positioning candles . Candles must be in an upright position, not tilted to the side. Ear candle to the correct position when you hear a pleasant crackling and rustling fire.
  • 3rd When the candle burns up to 2/3 , which must always be above the paper ring , pull it out and smother in a prepared cup of water. Combustion takes 10-12 minutes . The optimal length of ear plugs Aurecon plus was after various researches calculated approximately 20 cm ± 10% in diameter at the upper end of about 20 mm . With these dimensions the ignition achieve the optimal balance for proper combustion.

  • After using ear plugs , a very positive impact on the overall experience , additional rest period from 15 to 30 minutes .

  • Aurecon natural ear candles operate purely physical . A slight vacuum (chimney effect) and vibrational wave -induced motion of air in the ear candle, fire , acts as a gentle bubble massage .
  • This leads to an intense feeling of pleasant warmth and a sense equalize the pressure in the ears , forehead and sinuses .
  • This physical effect subjectively describes often just immediately after use, such as friendly pressure, especially in the area of ​​the ear and the head.
  • Spontaneously can also be a freer breathing through the nose and improve recognition smell , even if it was before " stuffy " nose . In addition, throughout the ceremony arrives excellent release . A deep sense of security and happiness , which can only rarely experience .

  • Adverse effects:
  • They are not known. The product is not recommended to use the Performance eardrum and allergy ingredients . Also, when all ear infections or skin diseases in the ear and ear canal. Before applying for any pathology or persistent Auricular ear wax is necessary to consult a doctor.
  • Very rarely have been reports of allergic reactions to ingredients . They are as smooth itching and can be removed ear drops .
  • The use of ear candles is always at your own responsibility and at their own risk . If you follow the instructions for use , the use of candles is easy and safe.

  • Warning:

  • Always use a candle with the help of another person!
  • When burning attention to safety !
  • Do not use in ear disease !
  • Do not use in locations subject to drafts of air, the presence of gas or flammable substances !
  • Do not use in children under 6 years old !
  • Cleaning the ears of children Perform always in the presence of an adult !
  • When using candles to protect your hair towel !
  • Candle push deep into the ear!

  • Packing :
  • Two ear plugs , paper ring

  • Storage:
  • AURECON plus Store in a dry place at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children.

  • Shelf life 5 years from date of manufacture.

  • Note : The product is not a medicine , nor can it replace a varied and balanced diet.
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