Pressure gauge / brachial pulse oximeters Beurer BM 44
Manufacturer: Beurer
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Pressure gauge Beurer BM 44 product comes from official distribution for the country. Digital Pressure Gauge BM 44 from Beurer company, which has a large display with excellent readability. The display is backlit in blue. Thanks to the WHO classification, you can be sure that the measured values ​​are correct. The pressure gauge is equipped with an automatic shutdown that saves battery and ensures long-term operation. Attached cuff pressure is intended for an adult human arm, since it is adjustable in the range of 22-30 cm. The power supply unit care AA batteries or optional AC adapter. Battery status can be checked using the lights on the body. Included is a convenient storage pouch. Are also indispensable function for detecting arrhythmias, or signaling device errors. The pressure gauge is fully automatic and its control is very easy to work with because it is sufficient to control only one single button. Specifications: Features: Large display WHO classification Arrhythmia detection Error indication Auto power off Automatic measurement Velkost cuffs: 22-30 cm (arm cuff for adults) Measurement: Pressure, Pulse Power: AA batteries or AC adapter Package Contents: BM 1 x 54 1 x AA battery case.

Beurer BM44 blood pressure monitor sphygmomanometer, pulse oximeters in the arm.

     * Automatic measurement
     * Easy to use - one button operation
     * Large, easy to read blue backlit LCD display
     * WHO classification
     * Arrhythmia detection
     * Indication of operating errors
     * For arm circumference 22-30 cm
     * Automatic shutdown
     * Battery indicator
     * case
     * AA batteries (included)

-reddot design award winner 2010

Note: The product is not a medicine, nor can it replace a varied and balanced diet.

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