Antisept juwi-Gel hundred protection against ticks
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This kit effectively kills the infection directly in the carrier (tick) without problems be removed and also accelerate wound healing.

Antisept is a powerful antiseptic iodine solution to its high efficiency and penetration into living tissues, destroy infection in the vectors (ticks) and prevents penetration into the body. Antiseptic effect of the iodine solution is enhanced colloidal silver. Juwi-gel helps to accelerate hojivosti injury and amplifies the effect of antis. This set is the most appropriate means of disposal of infection in the vectors, insect bites and faster skin regeneration.

Juwi ® contains amino acids, lipids, proteins, iron in the form of natural, mineral salts and polynucleotides. Improves memory, mobility, mental balance, reduces fatigue, improves physical and mental performance. It improves the process and reduces the frequency of allergies and common diseases - influenza, tonsillitis, rhinitis, etc. juwi ® can be used with advantage for nutrition broad population including athletes, which improves the metabolic state of the organism. It is suitable for all states of exhaustion. In middle-aged and elderly with use removes stress, reduce mental and physical fatigue. Its use is to increase the ability to concentrate both physically and mentally challenging activity.


  • Opening the ampoule with antis attach to ticks (or third injured area) and let it work for 1 minute.
  • Dead tick removed easily with tweezers best after one hour.
  • The injection site (or injury) again thoroughly disinfect antis.
  • Apply the healing juwi-GEL (to speed up the healing process is recommended to apply several times a day).

Note: The product is not a medicine, nor can it replace a varied and balanced diet.

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