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Quickly and easily remove lice and nits. Hedrin is the most popular product to remove lice and eggs in Europe.

What is Hedrin so unique? The mechanism of action Hedrinu is revolutionary.
Unlike insecticides, which poison the lice, Hedrin acts physically. The active ingredient Dimeticon (4% solution) Wrap lice like shrink-wrap. The village is still sucking blood, but by "wrapping" can not excrete water (Note: lice does not exclude urine, like other organisms, but it vodu.Můžeme closer as sweating in humans). After a short time the water has nowhere to go, lice burst.

High efficiency Hedrinu has been demonstrated in several large clinical trials (Clinical study: BMJ, 18 June 2005, 330: p 1423-1425).

Hedrin has been active in the hours after the

Hedrin the solution is colorless and odorless, which does not contain pesticides.
Hedrin is not absorbed through the skin, can therefore be applied allergic and asthmatic children. No worries it may be used by pregnant and nursing mothers.
Hedrin contains 4% dimeticon and cyclometicon, both components are very well tolerated and are commonly used in the cosmetic industry.
A clinical study has shown that only 2% of patients reported mild irritation.
Easy to apply

Clean, soft Hedrinu solution is very easy to rub into dry hair and leave for 1 hour, preferably overnight. The present study, which has not been published already demonstrated efficacy after 1 hour of application! After that, wash after 1 hour of conventional cosmetic shampoo. Dead lice may not be brushed. After 7 days, the process is repeated to remove nits that may emerge after the initial cure. During these seven days, always check to see if lice hatched earlier. To check this, use Hedrin comb and proceed as given in the section diagnostics lice. Hedrin head lice solution is also available as Hedrin spray against lice.
Directions for use

Sufficient solution, apply evenly to dry hair all over the head. Spread evenly from hair roots to ends and leave to dry naturally. Leave on hair for one hour. Then wash your hair normal shampoo, rinse and dry the hair.

It is important to repeat this procedure after seven days in order to eliminate any other lice that may have hatched in the meantime. Non-repetition of this process may be the reason for treatment failure and recidivism.

Avoid contact with eyes solution. If the solution Hedrinu accidentally gets into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If itching persists, seek medical attention. If a rash or other signs of hypersensitivity to Hedrin ® solution, stop using this product. Wash skin with soap and water and seek medical advice.

What to do if accidentally swallowed a solution:
If accidentally swallowed, immediately consult a doctor solution and bring your original packaging to indicate which components of the solution contains.

Resistance to Hedrin can not create as Hedrinu mechanism of action is physical.
Hedrin can be used again immediately if lice re-appear. It may be that your child has lice and nits appear after a short time of use Hedrinu again. Unknown to the Hedrin ineffective, but only that your child has come into contact with someone who still has lice.

If your child brings home head lice, do not panic and use the instructions to remove lice and nits Hedrin!
Hedrin is suitable for the whole family?

Hedrin is not absorbed through the skin, so it can be used by children 6 months; Hedrin is also suitable for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or eczema have. Hedrin can be used by the whole family, including grandparents. Do not forget them!
Hedrin can be used on colored or bleached hair?
Yes, dimeticon (active component Hedrinu) and cyklometicon (carrier) are a normal part of shampoos and conditioners, so it is possible to apply Hedrin on colored hair. Not recommended to use Hedrin prior to staining or discoloration.

Note: The product is not a medicine, nor can it replace a varied and balanced diet.

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