First aid for tourism and leisure
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First aid for tourism and leisure

Basic equipment for first aid kits first aid until the arrival of the doctor. Includes bandages, gauze compresses, coil patch, patch pad, bandage, bandages, paraffin gauze. shawl, rubber butterfly bandage, resuscitation mask, rubber gloves, tweezers, scissors, medical thermometer, insulated foil.

Plaster. On certain injuries are more suitable pillow. but sometimes we get by with a classic without the pad.
Bandage - bandage finished No. 2 Check that the application deadline has expired, if so. it is no longer sterile bandage but only classic dressing.
Paraffin gauze, impregnated with hydrophobic ointment base Does not stick to the wound, the load on the wound.
Tourniquet - to injured blood vessels etc.
Scissors to snip dressing, a piece of clothing, if necessary, to get to the wound, or if you need to stop the bleeding, or make a scarf to support the injured hand. We use tweezers certainly pulling ticks, or debris from the wound.
Sterile gloves - in the case of assistance to a stranger with a bleeding injury is good to use to protect yourself from potential blood-borne diseases. Shawl-fixation of the injured hand.
Resuscitation drape-recommended sows used for artificial respiration especially with strangers.
Safety pin - for different fixation bandages, etc.
Other drugs recommended to choose, in consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.

One of the essential things we should not forget when packing things on a trip, the first aid kit. To appreciate this burden, which may or used just once get into a situation where she will not have it and you need it. Equipment from the medicine you use most often for minor injuries (abrasions, cuts, blisters, etc.). If you go in a group, it's good for everyone to have their small first aid kit with the most important thing and one person from the group, preferably one well-controlled first aid, carrying a large first aid kit with material that is not often needed.

Note: The product is not a medicine, nor can it replace a varied and balanced diet.

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