Hlíváček syrup with oyster mushrooms sour cherry fl.100 ml
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Syrup with mushrooms flavored with cherries. No preservatives and artificial colors

HLÍVÁČEK is strong, healthy, delicious - the power back in a few days!

The syrup is attached to each puzzle and story about hlíváčkovi.

-increases natural immunity and defenses
-favorably affects blood sugar and blood fat levels, blood pressure
-improves the function of the vascular system, blood pressure
-improves intestinal peristalsis
-relieves fatigue, stiffness of limbs and tendons
-the sensitivity, stress and strain on the body

HLÍVÁČEK product is formulated with carefully selected only from natural sources. Contains oyster mushrooms - Pleurotus ostreatus with the active ingredient beta glucan.

The base is pure fruit syrup concentrate, which is obtained from fresh fruit (cherry, apple), preservatives and dyes. In one vial syrup after conversion is approximately 1 kg of fresh fruit.

Children to be healthy ... I you are afraid that in the cool autumn days and your child neoemocnělo? Indeed, the common cold, upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, tonsillitis, and various viral infections have somehow automatically belong to this period. From now on, everything can be different! The world's a perfect product enhancing containing mushrooms oyster mushrooms in the form of syrup or fruit delicious sweets - and it can work wonders!
Why Oyster?

The positive effects of oyster mainly consist of substances that have the ability to activate cells for natural immunity. Furthermore oyster contains a variety of vitamins B, D, C, K, proteins, sterols and some fatty acids and trace elements, chromium, copper, iron, iodine, sodium, selenium and zinc. How but "make" Oyster for our children? Thus, a team led by experts and managed to almost impossible. Successfully combined powder of oyster mushrooms with fruit juice and got syrup, which carries the descriptive name Hlíváček. But that's not all. Because experts know how important it is that the child did not get into his body except healthful nutrients and substances that are not appropriate for the child, for example, various preservatives, they set about the task of making natural composition Hlíváčku. And this they fully succeeded! Together with him on our market comes Hlíváček fruit candy for immune support.

The base is Hlíváčka juice concentrate from fresh fruit is crushed and gets rid of filtering the pulp and seed. Then in a vacuum environment is heated, taking from it gradually evaporates the water and so the fruit juice thickens. This process passes twice. Do not add to or preservatives, or dyes. To illustrate, imagine that one kilogram of concentrate thus obtained should be 8 kg of fresh fruit!

This dense fruit juice is the perfect way technology incorporates pure powder, oyster mushrooms and give a syrup with mushrooms. It can be used without problems in children from three years old, but frankly, we adults can still prescribe it. Syrup with mushrooms has exactly the same effect as hlívové capsule, but it is far more pleasant taste. Children can thanks Hlíváčkovi increase their natural immunity. So when flu and colds when they lurk everywhere variety of viruses and bacteria with them can easily deal with. Hlíváček really is a "smart guy" who can work wonders with immunity. Syrup with oyster mushroom has a cherry flavor. It is sold in all pharmacies in 100 ml bottles.

In each vial is a concentrate of 1.08 kg of fresh fruit. Served children twice daily 5 ml, which is 1 teaspoon, which contains one dose of oyster mushroom, including fungal fiber.

100% natural apple concentrate, 100% natural cherry concentrate, 100% pure powder, oyster mushroom
Active ingredient:

5 ml syrup (1 teaspoon) contains 250 mg of 100% pure powder, oyster mushroom, ie 118.2 mg beta glucan + - 3.75 mg. The recommended daily dose of oyster mushroom is not fixed.

Recommended dosage:

2x daily 1 teaspoon before meals for 1-3 months. Syrup can be consumed undiluted or poured into water or in yoghurt
Packaging: 100 ml

Dietary supplement.
-Not suitable for children under 3 years.
-Keep out of the reach of children.
-Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
-Do not store above 25 ° C.
-Shake well before using.
-Once opened, store in the refrigerator and used within 10 days.

Note: The product is not a medicine, nor can it replace a varied and balanced diet.

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