NUTREND T-MEAL FRUITY 400 g ice coffee
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NUTREND T-MEAL FRUITY 400 g - flavors: iced coffee, banana, chocolate, strawberry.

T-MEAL FRUIT is instant cocktail designed as a high quality and balanced diets with partial replacement of pieces of fruit or chocolate. It is suitable as a snack or small lunch when you do not have time for traditional foods. It can be eaten as a last meal before physical activity (about 2 hours prior to the beginning). It is even used as a first meal after exercise to replenish carbohydrates and induce the feeling of fullness. Gives a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrate, but also increased the amount of high-quality fiber (4.3 g per dose), which fills you full, but not burden! Not only has a delicious flavor, but also has a functional structure that will help you win the battle with excess pounds. includes the addition of completely new functional materials such as hi-maize ®, Fabenol ®, PinnoThin ™, which will bring many benefits.

Effects of weight reduction support. suited to situations where there is no access to normal diet (convenient solution optimally balanced diet in the office, on the road, in a hurry, etc.).

Recommended dosage of 40 g dissolve in 200-250 ml of water. more than 2 times a day.


CARNIPURE branded high quality l-carnitine. A substance that is reasonably necessary for the efficient use and burn fat. With regular aerobic training, consumption of l-carnitine increases and therefore needs to be supplied externally! It is most effective part of a series of products THERMOBOOSTER.

Fabenol ® seed extract beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), which naturally in the body suppresses the absorption of complex oligosaccharides (starches). It makes the most of complex carbohydrates taken in the digestive tract is absorbed, but is used as food for beneficial bacteria in the colon.

Hi-maize ® quality source of fiber and resistant starch, which positively affects the environment in the colon. It also lowers the glycemic index and reduces the storage of unused carbohydrates into fat.

PinnoThin TM natural substance that helps to reduce appetite and prolongs the feeling zasýtenia.

Nutritional value:

Chocolate flavor 100 g

Dose - 40 g

Energy value 1579 kJ/376 kcal 632 kcal kJ/150

Protein 42.2 g 16.9 g

Carbohydrates 24.4 g 9.8 g

Sugars 4.7 g 1.9 g

Fat 9.4 g 3.8 g

Saturated fatty acids 1.1 g 0.42 g

12.3 g Dietary fiber 4.9 g

Sodium 0.3 g 0.1 g

Inulin 5 g 2 g

Oil of pine seeds 2.3 g 0.9 g

L-carnitine L-tartrate 370 mg 148 mg

Bean extract 75 mg 30 g


Vitamin C 200 mg 80 mg

Vitamin B3 40 mg 16 mg

Vitamin E 30 mg 12 mg

Vitamin B5 15 mg 6 mg

Vitamin B6 3.5 mg 1.4 mg

Vitamin B2 3.5 mg 1.4 mg

Vitamin B1 2.8 mg 1.1 mg

Vitamin B12 6.3 mg 2.5 mg

Biotin 125 mg 50 mg

Folic Acid 500 mg 200 mg

Vitamins in a dose of 1 corresponds to 100% of the recommended daily allowance

Recommended dose: 40 g
A measuring cup: 20 g
Dilution ratio: 40 g to 200 to 250 ml



chocolate flavor: calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, cocoa, maltodextrin DE 10, DE 20 maltodextrin, inulin, corn starch Hi-Maize, hot chocolate pieces, pine seed oil PinnoThin (vegetable oil from pine seeds, lactose, casein, sodium hydrogen phosphate stabilizer, emulsifier E471, caking agent silicon dioxide, natural flavor, antioxidant E306), milk protein isolate, natural cream flavor, natural cream flavor, soy lecithin, tapioca starch, thickener guar gum, multivitamin premix ( vitamins E, B1, B2, B6, B12, B5, B3, C, H, folic acid), sodium carboxymethyl cellulose thickener, L-Carnitine Tartrate, anti-caking additives calcium phosphate and silicon dioxide, sweetener sucralose, bean seed extract Fabenol , sweetener acesulfame K.

Allergens: lactose, gluten, soy.

Warning: This product is not a medicine, or can not replace a varied and balanced diet.

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