Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

The right to lodge a complaint

1 / If there is a defect in the goods purchased, the buyer has the right to claim a defect.

2 / The buyer is obliged to use the goods to prevent damage to the goods except to comply with the generally known rules also set conditions for the use of goods in the warranty or in the instructions for use, or for any damage to the goods, the seller is not liable.

Location of the claim

1 / buyer submits a complaint at the place where the seller, namely:
Martin Švancár - HRAVIO
Horná Štubňa 382
038 46 Horná Štubňa  district: TR district: Žilinský   Slovakia

2 / In the exercise of rights from liability for defects in the statutory warranty period is sufficient proof of purchase of the goods, even if the warranty was issued.

The seller

1 / For sale seller is responsible for ensuring that the purchased item is quality and performance agreed by the parties, the seller (or producer) described, respectively. quality and performance for the cause of the species common, and that it complies with legislation in the right amounts and consistent with the purpose for which the case is usually used.

2 / seller is responsible for the defects of the thing sold on receipt by the buyer. If the seller does not matters for defects caused by their use or wear. When things sold at a lower price seller is not responsible for the defect, which was negotiated for a lower price. If not the things that spoil quickly or used items, the seller is also responsible for defects that occur after taking things under warranty.

3 / The buyer complaint will issue a certificate stating the date on which the claim is applied, which is the goods claimed, when it was claimed goods purchased and the price at which it was purchased.

4 / Any complaint to verify the proper representative of the Seller and decide on how its equipment immediately, in more complex cases within 3 working days, unless it is necessary expertise defects. Complaint shall not exceed 30 days from the date of claim.

5 / If the buyer is not satisfied with the complaint, a representative of the seller who claim trim, refer the matter to your supervisor, what complaints reassess in order to find an acceptable solution.

Deadline to apply for the claim

1 / seller is responsible for product defects for 24 months from the receipt of things consumers to the product, its packaging, instructions or warranty card is not listed longer period. The warranty conditions and the seller determines the extent of such longer guarantee.

2 / If it is a used item, the buyer and seller may agree on a shorter warranty period, but not less than 12 months.

3 / Seller will not issue certificates of guarantee, if so requested by the buyer. At the request of the buyer the seller is obliged to issue a letter of guarantee. Where the nature of things, instead of the warranty certificate is sufficient to give the buyer proof of purchase of goods, and he explains that the Complaint is sufficient proof of purchase.

4 / Seller will issue certificates of guarantee for the warranty periods longer than 24 months provided for its own products and for goods sold, where the warranty to pack your product supplier.

5 / Warranty includes business name and address of the seller, content security, scope and terms of the warranty, the length of the warranty period, the data needed for complaints.

6 / warranty period shall commence following receipt by the buyer things. If the purchase of a thing put into operation other than a business seller, the warranty period begins to run from the date of putting into operation of the purchased item if the buyer ordered the commissioning within three weeks of receipt of the case and the proper and timely execution of the service provided to their assistance.

7 / If the claim is equipped with a repair, the warranty period is extended by the period of the claim from the date on which the buyer is obliged to repair after you take over the goods, even if the buyer did not do so. The seller must give the buyer a confirmation of when to apply the law, as well as the repair and the time of its duration.

8 / If the claim is equipped with the exchange of goods, new goods passes to the new warranty period again after receiving the case, or the date on which the buyer is obliged to issue a claim for equipment pick up.

9 / If there is no claim the goods for defects of which the seller is responsible, applied during the warranty period, the law of liability for defects expires.

10 / In the event that the buyer fails to collect the item after claim settlement, although he duly announced settlement of the claim by registered letter with a call to pick up things, the seller shall proceed as follows:
- After the deadline for picking up the claim specified in the previous call, or after a reasonable time, the seller will send the buyer another challenge in the form of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to get the thing running, and praised him to determine to a reasonable period
- In the event that the buyer even after the deadline does not collect the item, the seller after a further 6 months to sell the thing, what is required to keep records
- If the buyer subsequently requested his extradition case, after explaining the above procedure agreed to pay him a lump sum at which the thing sold, and storage charges will be levied.

Consumer rights

In defects of the goods that will be used properly and on time during the warranty period, the buyer has the right to:

1 / with removable defects that the defect free, on time and properly removed. The seller is obliged to defect promptly removed. Instead of removing defects the buyer may require replacement, or if the defect relates to only part of things, this part of the exchange, if the seller does not result in unreasonable costs for the price of the goods or the severity of the defect. The seller can always instead of removing defects replace the defective thing as perfect. Inadequacy of cost as well as to exchange defective assess things as perfect representative of the seller.

2 / with defects that can not be removed and which preclude the matter can be properly used as a thing without defects, the buyer has the choice between:
- The right to exchange things or
- The right to withdraw from the contract and demand repayment of the purchase price
Equal rights of the buyer even if the defect is indeed removable, but the re-appearance on the defect after repair (at least two previous repair the same defect) or a greater number of defects (at the time of the claim the goods while at least three different removable defects), the buyer may not proper use of goods

3 / irremovable defects in, but do not prevent the proper use of things, the buyer is entitled to a reasonable discount on the nature of the defect. The seller is obliged to provide a discount on the price, respectively. return of the purchase price already paid.

Reclamation of used and defective goods

1 / When selling used or bad things the seller must ensure a clear indication that they are defective or used products. The seller has an obligation to notify the purchaser, such as a defect - this information must be included on labels and packaging things. Such goods must be issued separately and sold separately from the defect-free goods. The goods must be sold at a lower price than what is sold for the same, but the perfect product.

2 / In the bad things and the seller is not liable for damages caused by their use or wear. When things sold at lower prices is not responsible for the defect, which was negotiated for a lower price.

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